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As a yoga RYT, meditation coach and hypnotherapist, I joyfully work as a spiritual advisor, speaker and an ACIM teacher. As an intuitive, I weave various modalities into my individual therapy and group teachings; Sedona Method, Pranayama, NLP, meditation and the wisdom of ACIM to name a few.

I find that I am constantly being shown a higher wisdom, so my writing and teaching become an organic reflection of this ever expanding knowing.

My goal is to help everyone take a stand in their own Divinity and to realize the Guide within; to finally end the search and be a finder of what was never lost. Come with me on this journey of Self discovery, revealing an infinite well of wisdom and love that dwells within our hearts and is waiting to supply us all!


In our sessions, I help you to unite with your own inner wisdom to improve any life situation you are experiencing. I teach you the tools needed to let go of suffering and open up to the magnificence that you already are. Truly, there's nothing to fix, it's only a question of what you are identifying with.

When you know how to align your self with Divine Mind, you become empowered to live life from a higher perspective. Your vibration is raised which automatically connects you to your higher knowing. This belongs to YOU already, I'm merely a facilitator.

Sessions run 75 minutes long, as the last 15 or so I take you on a guided meditation specific to that day's session together. I often give light homework as well as I find this strengthens your learning.

  • Individual/ Private Sessions - 75 minutes $90 (in person or via Skype)
  • Group Sessions - 90 minutes $90
  • Meditation - Donation
  • ACIM Class - Free

I value my time and gifts, but I also greatly value your growth and healing. Sliding scale offered.

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