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My spiritual path is engaging in the world with Course principals to remain awake to or aware of my Christed consciousness.

What brought me onto the spiritual path was a very tumultuous first 21 years filled with many intoxicants to the point of having no fear around living or dying. This culminated in someone shooting me in the back and beating all odds of surviving. Later, I was to find out, according to a Guardian Angel that I was slated to pass on that evening, yet she was able to make an exception and intervene in saving my life.

This lead to beginning to look at deeper questions around life, Spirit and why I'm experiencing life. One thing lead to another and here I am 62 years of age. Numerous focuses around consciousness have been the focus of my life. As it turns out, I really was not interested in drugs and alcohol, but interested in knowing Infinite mind.

Vedanta was a 30 year practice for me and will always be the lens through which I live life. Vedanta is so very similar to ACIM. So, when I came to ACIM, I experienced it as coming home. ACIM to me is a course in non-duality. I see it as a direct path home. I see direct as meaning enlightenment is here now, for all. That is the context in which the Course may be received and I feel the way in which the Course is suggesting to be received. What I've come to is only God is real. To me, this is what the world is for, that is, to see God everywhere.

3-5 Years

What I've come to is to practice the Course in every vision I have. Who is here but God's mind and my awareness is God's mind. I get the purpose of the Course is to own the Course to the point of not needing to think or intellectualize any lessons or text but to actually have Realized the Truth that the Course points so eloquently to. So vision is for seeing Truth in all I see. To me, life is for going directly to God. What this means to me is there's no place to go and there's one to go there and there's nothing to get because it's all here now. Remaining as that is my practice.

Dialogue on Awakening, I am Word Books, Teachings of Ramana Maharshi
Lesson 109 - I rest in God.

Forget this world, forget this Course, and come with wholly empty hands unto your God. Lesson 189, paragraph 7, sentence 5


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