• Doug Waagen
    Subscriber | May 9, 2016 at 9:07 pm #11933

    I always vote for the most radical of change. To me in the realm that is, of Spiritual Awareness, is seeing and feeling the Changeless through my life experience.This is only radical because habitual programming has been the belief system for who knows how long. And it is my belief that consensus reality is now in the process of being transformed to Higher seeing. What I’ve come to is life is Infinite mind and Infinite mind is life. That is Omnipresence Itself flowing through what used to be believed in as a ‘me’. I came to the awareness that only God is, as with all I see, the Reality. I see the nonexistent “me”, if believed in, as the chairman of the board of the ego thought system. Which I think definitely has a place at the table of Divine life, yet I get at that point,even it knows of the Truth of Silence. Here, I think the ego thought system loves this prior statement yet I feel Higher mind knows exactly whether Surrender is about the words or Actualized. I feel the impossibility of a” me”, when seen in Truth, is about simply surrendering attachment to the ego thought system.
    The Divine is the only One here because only That exists. For me, the prior sentence opens my awareness to its’ boundless nature because that sentence will not fit my small mind. I can only let go to feel it.
    If I engage with the ego thought system, I lose every time. This is because that system offers 2 worlds while honesty tells me, my higher mind tells me there’s only Oneness. In entertaining Truth, in my life, a “me” would only stand for falsehood, and that can only appear if I believe in it. To me, there are not two worlds!

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