• Doug Waagen
    Subscriber | May 8, 2016 at 5:28 pm #11916

    The following is what I’ve come to in life experience. It is so that my life, at least for 40 plus years has been about how deeply my awareness can be aware of the Purity of God’s mind actualized through going beyond the appearance of a world. To me, the Course takes one beyond the words of the teaching, if, and it’s a big if, there is allowance and wanting to go beyond this world. A world of belief in solid form is illusion. The Truth of who I am and all I see is that I am, and all are Christed, there is only Divine Being. All form, in Truth, is Emptiness Itself and Full of God, simultaneously. Both emptiness and fullness mean the same thing. There is only God.
    I notice that I am the Emptiness and Fullness through claiming my Higher mind as who I am now. Through this claiming, I am steeped in the Divine This is because I am no longer claiming to be a person in a world, trying to hide in illusory mind that is not there. That’s the insanity, the bigger than life stories and beliefs of ego mind is not there, if not believed in.
    I have found that stepping beyond this world becomes the higher truth of life through not identifying with illusion. From my perspective, the higher Self is found through claiming one’s Christhood. It’s already there, and the old world of limitation, of belief in fear based consciousness is gone, even though it was never really there or here, to begin with.
    To me the all important wanting to know my Divine Being has served me in Realizing Christ, and is,in other words, wanting to step beyond the world. This means, since I am awareness, I am aware, and my awareness is, when honestly known, really God’s Self Knowing. Looking at how I am now present with awareness, there is not identification a solid world of separation and fear. I saw the insanity of that. I came to know that God Consciousness is being quiet and noticing my awareness rests in the softness of peace and Love. To me, life is for dying into God consciousness and that is synonymous with stepping beyond this world.

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