• Doug Waagen
    Subscriber | May 20, 2016 at 2:01 pm #12215

    To me, “My mind holds only what I think with God” is calling my awareness to open to, to be conscious of what’s already there, here and everywhere… Self. In my world, God does not think in the worldly meaning of think. To me, God is Presence outside of the human belief system in space and time. Presence is Awareness, not thinking but aware of Itself. To me, empty mind is thoughtless and without the thinking/identifying with thoughts of identity in a space time world. The calling is to be as this, as God’s mind, thoughtless, aware of Itself. I am Awareness, undiluted and pure. In my world, this is because only I look to no other as real, only God is real,
    In my experience, living the undifferentiated state has been about wanting to know Truth more than anything. As I surrendered to It, I began to become conscious of It. These words speak in terms of duality, while in my world, there is none.

    For me, Forgiveness is a doorway to knowing God. To continue to keep coming back to forgiveness work over and over and over as the answer, I know I really didn’t practice forgiveness. Even though I may have used the forgiveness words, I still chose to go back to a position of being right. I still chose ego as my identity. I notice there are countless versions of ‘being right”. So, my question becomes ‘why do I want to be separate from Source?” For me, this is the regular reminder that I am not separate from Source. In my experience of letting go, honest forgiveness work is all important and it doesn’t need to take long, days or months but certainly not years.

    “Forgiveness offers everything I want” in my experience ends up meaning I already have everything I could possibly want. This is because forgiveness is just a distant memory of a dream that never was, a final dream. Without belief in the dream, I am aware of Infinite Love, how could I want anything?

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