• Ralph Latter
    Ralph Latter
    February 8, 2018 at 2:06 am #16606

    My first thought was that I have beliefs which I need to be released from. My second thought was, – Why should I wish to be released from the belief that God is Love?
    My next thought was I have many other beliefs I may wish to be released from, such as, – I may have said something to my daughter’s employers which could have caused a problem with long term impact.
    This is just a thought of mine which does not mean anything. I do not really believe it. What I really believe is that everything is for the best and that God’s timing is perfect. Whatever happens tomorrow at a meeting with my daughter’s employers will lead to the best outcome for her. Any confusion that has caused problems can be clarified. God, or the power in the universe I think of as God, can handle that.

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