• Doug Waagen
    Doug Waagen
    May 10, 2016 at 11:36 pm #11954

    To be clear, I’m sharing my experience, my thoughts around this lesson. I speak for no one else.
    For me, the beauty of the Course is in It giving so many absolute pointers to Truth, to God’s will, that it’s natural for me to take them. Not to go with that Truthful direction would not make sense. For me not to live the pointers would be to 1:2,look for permanence in the impermanent, in trying to make a false world real. I utilize the Course for diving into my Self through going with a sentence or phrase in a lesson and letting go 3:4,beyond the world and every worldly thought.
    To me this is such a Divine phrase. To allow it to take me beyond, I “stop” all identification with a world, a me, or time and space, and I disappear. I mean my awareness loses attachment to anything. To me this is God’s will. That is to remain aware of God’s mind, His perfect peace and Love. This lesson has phrase after phrase that bring me home. 1:2, You look for for love where there is none, you look for immortality in darkness, and on and on. For me, I have to go where it’s pointing, to the Kingdom. I feel the Kingdom as my Heritage, my Truth. For me, as I step into Union with That which surpasseth all understanding, I have given up control and for me, I feel that as Freedom from the bondage of name and form. From, this lesson and so many of the phrase in it give me license not identify with the illusion of a separate me, to give up 4:4, though he try to force delay, deceive himself and think it is Hell he seeks. That is rich as rich can be for me because it gives my awareness more reason, absolute understanding to Surrender my 2:7, little dream I made.
    In my experience, all the spiritual words and teachings I’ve been exposed to have added up to one thing. That is, giving me the wherewithall, the confidence to let go of my smallness. What I’ve found in wanting to reach the Truth more than anything, is that I rest and have always rested in Thee. In my life, that is simply, matter of factly, reflecting honestly. I spent most of my life seeming to hide from God, without having a clue that’s what I was doing. I am now comforted to feel I rest in Thee.

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