• Georgianne Giese
    Georgianne Giese
    July 25, 2018 at 5:38 am #16638

    When new groups of ACIM students get together, the topic of Hitler is often put forth with the question of how we are supposed to forgive THAT. Lets examine the issue.

    Hitler was a manifestation FROM a child of God. His ego driven thoughts and actions were never represenative of his true self. Hitler could never have been so successful at manifesting evil without the collusion of others who, like himself, were bound up by fear. (Remember that fear is the mostly subconscious belief that one is separate from the All, and dependent on one’s own resources to survive.)To learn about Love or to survive within a world of fear, people automatically join with others, with whom they share a sense of something bigger than themselves and a kinship based on their common fear of separation and survival. But what clues them consciously to such a potential bond with another?

    The human brain has a basic, automatic function. As soon as it reaches a certain stage of development before birth, it begins to take in, organize, and store externally presented data. It does so by parsing data and searching memory for pieces of stored information that are similar to pieces of incoming data. New pieces are then stored with similar pieces in memory. Thus a pyramid of information is built throughout life, each layer based upon past experiences. Thoughts are a recombination of pieces of past experiences.

    Survival in the world is one of our strongest drives. Thus it seems that fear is a predominant attractor. Nuances of fear are readily noticed and subconsciously evaluated for their usefulness. Nuances of love are often dismissed as not useful to survival. So it seems that the drive to join based on fear is much stronger than the drive to join based on love. And often joining on love turns into a relationship controlled by fear.

    This is were forgiveness and learning step in.Forgiveness, ala ACIM, is the acknowledgment that “We do not know”. The first objective is to recognize that people are NOT their actions. The true being represented by a body at birth is part of the All and it IS NOT the fabricated persona built by the mind that is caught up in a nightmare of fear. The fearful actor is NOT the role he/she concocted. The second realization of forgiveness is that our evaluation of the other as a progenater of a non-loving action, is formed through ignorance. We can never know the components of anothers pyramid of thought. We only perceive bits and pieces similar to bits and pieces of our own pyramid. This is where Love steps in.Our higher self, joined with the Voice for God (Holy Spirit), can ease us through the lesson. Our own fears prompt actions to stop fearful carnage, but they too are not cause for shame . Meanwhile we give up control and allow the higher powers to resolve the situation. That is how we forgive.

    Are we hopelessly looking backward when we attempt to evaluate Hitler? No. Thoughts of him are present now in almost everyones brain pyramid. Hence they are an opportunity to truly forgive every piece of our own pyramid that shares a relationship in kind with a piece of Hitler’s drama. Most basically, we forgive our fearful feelings of being separate, alone, and left up to our own devices for “survival”.

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