• Ralph Latter
    Ralph Latter
    January 31, 2018 at 12:44 am #16561

    Ilooked at a chair. It is a chair. That is the meaning I have for it. That is th meaning I have given to it.
    I looked at another chair. It is a chair. It reminded me of a chair I no longer have. I looked at a foot stool. It came with the chair I no longer have. There is a story attached to the chair I no longer have. I remember buying it. I remember enjoying it. I remember feeling comfortable in it. I remember talking about it. I remember when it was taking up too much space. I tried to donate it to a charity shop. They did not want it. I took it to a recycling centre. A second hand trader was glad to take it. My son had a very similar chair. He kept it for 17 years. He was sorry to part with it, as I was sorry to part with mine. I knew how he felt. I gave up my chair because I love my wife and it was not in keeping with the other furniture in the house. My son did the same for the same reason. Like father, like son. Sometimes, we give up things we love for people we love. (That was a We statement, not an I statement,I know.)

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