• Paul Donahue
    Paul Donahue
    September 26, 2018 at 3:51 am #16649

    Today, I realized that it was the little me that was taught to trust all the wrong people from a group of people that didn’t understand trust much less unconditional love and forgiveness. I claim my “Truth” today as I forgive myself for not knowing, however, I’m learning to one day at a time, one personality at a time, one experience at a time that I forgive all for all as I walk in the sunlight of the spirit which is in all. For now, I’m awake and see myself and all my brothers and sisters as spiritual beings having a human experience in hopes that in within this illusion called life that we all one day will look upon each other as one divine source of Love. I forgive myself for not knowing… And so it is! Amen

    Life is an Illusion…
    It is what you make of it that counts… It is like an infinite bubble with a finite bounce… The whole universe exists in it beyond a finite count… So spread your wings because time is running out… The essence of Truth is within go on look inside as far as the eye can see and what you will find is that the “TRUTH” will always set you free! Life is an Illusion – Paul Anthony Donahue

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