Your Holiness

 In Awakening

In the Course, Jesus often points to our holiness as something innate within us. I used to think of how nice that sounded, and how amazing it would be to actually believe it. What a beautiful thought that was; but I probably wouldn’t experience my holiness until this body expired and I went to heaven or until I became the next Mother Theresa.

It was many years into the Course when it finally occurred to me that Jesus wasn’t messing around with me, that every word was truth that I could trust. Wow, imagine that! There’s nothing my holiness cannot do, It envelops everything I see and It blesses the world. It’s my salvation and my Source! It slowly began to dawn on me that my holiness is what created me and is forever my Source. My holiness is having an individualized experience as “me”; It’s* what breathes my body and beats my heart. It’s what created all of Life and holds me in Her* loving embrace!

Until we let our minds be undeceived, we will continue to hold the miracle of acceptance of this away from ourselves. We will remain a slave to our conditioned mind’s habit of living as if we are separate from the Truth of what we always were. We will continue to believe holiness must be earned through “holy” behavior and good thoughts and deeds.

I invite you to slow down a moment, and allow yourself to imagine how it would feel to believe you are holy. Let it occur to you that this is what’s real, this is what is true, and release yourself from the weight of collective unconsciousness. How would it feel to know that nothing you do here can alter this Truth – that nothing can darken His* brilliance – that this is your true identity which cannot be erased?

Take a deep breath and relax into the truth of this.

Let yourself be lifted.

Let yourself return home.

Can you feel Her* singing this beauty inside of you?

* (Source, God, Universe, Holiness, Love, You)

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