The Power of the Mind

 In Awakening

 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

Given a situation where one has developed a successful life with position, wealth, and material possessions, and then that suddenly changes and all these things are lost under great duress and stress, what is going on from a spiritual perspective? Is the whole Self reprogramming for different values?

It is well to understand that nothing truly ever comes to you that is beyond your conscious available mind. Were this not to be true, then you would still have the feeling that things could be done to you. If either your whole Self, as you currently view it, or your subconscious mind which is beyond your conscious reach, were to be directing your activities, then it would still appear to you to be something bringing events into your life over which you had no control. And this would totally violate the principle I have given you before that is: you will experience what you see first within your mind. What is in your mind will make its appearance in your physical world. So you see, if something were in your unconscious mind, or even what you could accept as being a part of your Mind—if, in your conscious attitude, it was beyond your control, then you could be a victim of your Self which is no different that being a victim of any other circumstances. This is not a belief that is helpful for you to hold.

What I am attempting to explain, however, is that there is much in your conscious mind that you have not sorted out, but which is there within reach and within understanding. However, it appears to be a blur. I refer to it as being a feeling of chaos. This chaos would be a thousand jumbled thoughts not clearly distinguishable in your conscious perception. And when that becomes the case, because you are experiencing in your physical world a reflection of what is inside your mind, you will experience that chaos. As your mind lacks clarity, then those circumstances that you are manifesting in your physical world will equally lack clarity.

As your experiences begin to take a shape which appear to be of their own making, and you sense yourself losing control of the situation outside your mind, you have obviously lost control of circumstances within your mind. It appears that things are happening to you, and your mind will then immediately jump to a fear of loss of whatever it is at that moment that you have the greatest fear of losing. Because you see things going beyond control, you will first want to guard those things which you consider to be most precious. As that feeling of needing to guard them arises, it comes from a point of view of fear. And when the fear of loss becomes real in your mind, it becomes physically manifest.

Now, as is the case in most other things that you experience, this concept itself can become frightening—that if you allow your mind to feel fear, then those things which are most representational of fear in your outside world will appear. Your ego loves to think in terms that are to you negative, those things which will bring adverse impact. But think with me for a moment of how wonderful this concept truly is because it should be saying to you, “When peace is in my mind, when Love is in my mind, then that is what I will experience.”

How many times have we said, “Choose peace.” I will assure you that when you choose peace, it is not simply because your environment will reflect peacefulness, but I would also encourage you to understand that it is more closely reflecting the natural state of your Being. And this, after all, is the name of the game.

Would the environment as well be experienced as peaceful?

Of course.

In the midst of war?

Get to the cause of war. Don’t try to go through the intellectual and mental exercises that say, “I can be at peace in the midst of war.” Understand why war is created. When you no longer accept conflict as being real or having value, there will be no reason for it being in your thoughts. And if it is not in your thoughts, there is no possible way for it to appear in your physical experience. I will not try to tell you that it is impossible for your mind to find a semblance of peace in the midst of war because indeed, it is possible. But it is not the fullest experience of peace, for here no sense of conflict would be possible.

The phrase, “Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil”—is that a metaphor for what you were describing?

Indeed, it is. The metaphor there would be more clearly stated, “Though I seem to exist in a state of illusion, I will have no fear when I recognize it is, in fact, an illusion. Yea, though I walk through it, yea, though I seem to be in a place I am not, I will fear no evil because I recognize that I am dreaming and have truly never left my peaceful home.”

The way out of the chaos of our mind then is, as you have already explained, to choose peace. Choose peace.

Above all, choose peace until it becomes recognized that it is the only choice. And when the light of that eventually dawns upon you, suddenly you will Awaken and recognize that you have never left peace. Then you will understand completely the meaning of the word “illusion”.

I have no more questions unless you would like to give more information.

There are volumes of information. There have been volumes of information already given, but only that which you are at the point of accepting is worthwhile. Therefore, we will wait until you have additional questions which will reflect that you are at the point of accepting.

[ch 3, pg 78]

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