The Importance of Feelings

 In Awakening

 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

As you fill your lives from day to day and hour to hour with words and deeds, I would suggest that many times you overlook the feelings that accompany the words and the deeds. Often the feelings are uncomfortable, generating fear and apprehension. I would suggest they are still well worth paying attention to, because it is the habit of learning to be in touch with those feelings that opens the door to the truer feelings, those of peace and joy, the feelings that ultimately bring us into our awareness of Being, of being the true extension of God.

It will also be in your paying attention to the feelings that do generate fear, that you will find it easier to let go of them as you compare them to the feelings of peace. I could speak to you in volumes about how to let go of fear, of why to let go of fear, of the unreality of fear, but it would be rare if any of these words really captured your attention. It will be the feeling of peace; it will be your experience of being in the space of knowing that you are well entrenched in the Mind of God where there is no fear that will then make if far easier for you to discredit the feelings of fear which are generated when you forget who you are.

So my suggestion is simply this: surrender to your feeling, whatever it may be. Surrender to it because it will be your closest communication to the Being of your Self.

Which come first, feelings or thought?

You would expect a feeling to be generated by a thought. But to describe more appropriately what has been happening, a feeling has been preexistent, and it has been the feeling—more than likely one that you are quite unconscious of—which has generated the thought that then seems to produce a responding feeling. But it has indeed, been the feeling that has first been present.

Let me try to clarify it more by telling it to you like this: When you are in a general frame of mind of being at peace, when your feelings are ones of joy and love and harmony, then do you not find that your thoughts are always those which encompass, or seem to be extended from, this base of feeling? The feelings that appear to be generated subsequently as a result of those thoughts of peace and love and harmony are a continuation of the original feeling from which the thought was formed.

You will also discover, as you reach the point of being more consistently in a frame of mind that resonates only to peace, that the “thoughts” and feelings are inseparable, and it would not be meaningful for you to even wonder which came first.

I point out this distinction to you at this time because, generally speaking, the thoughts that you are now most accustomed to are those that are generated from an ego response to a feeling of fear. And in that regard, it is more appropriate to be aware that your feelings are “the prime mover,” so to speak. As we have spoken about practicing being in touch with those feelings, you will notice that the feelings that seem to generate fear are most easily let go of as you allow yourself to place them in comparison to the feelings of peace. If you were to try to let go of your feelings of fear by thoughts of peace, you would find it far more difficult.

I am speaking to you now from the standpoint of circumventing the ego by being aware of your feelings and being aware of the thoughts that they produce.

[ch 2, pg 57]

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