The Human Condition

 In Awakening

 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

The choice of experiencing what is referred to as the “human condition” is a process of experiencing limitation. There is no judgment placed upon this observation. Limitation is simply a function of what the human experience entails. I would ask you to understand at the same time that the human condition is not one that is fixed in its parameters; that is to say, it is one in which you can expand your scope of the experience of limitation. It is not possible to experience total limitlessness while in the human condition. However, it is certainly not only possible but easily grasped that you can step beyond all limitation within the human condition that would make you believe that you are at the mercy of anything outside your conscious control of things that seem to be happening to you within that condition.

It seems that most people go through life reacting to random circumstances without understanding what you are saying. If I understand you correctly, as we choose to define the kind of experience we want, we then make our own reality within this physical life and we have the power totally to decide exactly what we want to encounter and how we want to experience it.

That is correct, and the process of clearly defining the experience is the key element; that is, to have a full and complete understanding of what the experience is that you happen to be immersed in at the moment.

Why is that important?

Because without this understanding you do place yourself in a reactive state and, by its very nature, reaction presumes that something unplanned, uncalled for, has taken place. By contrast, when you are in a state of recognition as to what the experience entails, you will find it far easier to allow yourself to be secure in the knowledge that all of the accoutrements are equally within your control. It is the process of recognition of what is happening that allows you to expand your attention and your awareness to encompass the totality of it, and that is what puts you beyond the stage of being a reactor.

It is not easy for people who are immersed in the feeling of being victimized to expand their vision beyond a state of being fearful of that which they are currently reacting to, and to step into a broader space to see a broader picture.

Now, let us speak for a moment about how you come into a more conscious recognition of what a total experience actually is. I call your attention to the fact that patterns could be referred to as an index to your experience when you are trying to see the whole of it, because those patterns will indicate to you more clearly what the experience is that you are involved in. They will show you what you have been experiencing. It will be through your allowing yourself to look at those patterns that you will see a range of things that have been happening in your experience. By allowing yourself to objectively view these patterns, it will become more apparent to you what it is that you have been attempting to teach yourself. As this awareness becomes more apparent, and as you look back and see how perfectly these patterns have fulfilled themselves, it will be easier for you to see that all of the pieces that were necessary for you to experience that pattern were in place. The reason I refer to it as a pattern is that it is repetitive, and the reason that it is repetitive is that there was no conscious recognition of what it was that you had determined to learn. Once you have consciously recognized the lesson, and have seen the fullness and the value that you had determined to bring to yourself through this lesson, the pattern will be ended. Its purpose will have been achieved. This is why I say to you it is most valuable to be consciously aware of what the experience you are involved in at this moment is attempting to bring to your attention.

There must be more to finishing a pattern than just seeing a pattern.

There is far more than just seeing the pattern. Finishing it requires the experience of the lesson which you have brought into your conscious awareness. It is the experience of your having lived it, so to speak, that will determine what the value of it has been. Many times you will see the value has been to show you the valuelessness of fear. But you will not experience the fact that fear has no value as long as you are in a state of simply reacting to fear. Then that thing which you have feared, in one form or another, will keep reappearing and that is what makes a pattern.

Is that also what some call “Karma?”

Karma, I would like to say, is merely an excuse for continuing a pattern that you have become comfortable with. Most often that pattern is one that says that there is good and bad, and that to experience the fullness of anything you must have experienced both aspects of it. This is only a choice. But if this is your choice, then that will be your pattern.

[ch 3, pg 95]

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  • Suzann Kale
    Suzann Kale

    Hi Tom —

    Thank you for this article. I am just exactly at a point where I have recognized a life-long pattern, and your article put it into context for me. I realize, right now (a “Holy Instant” to be sure) that I am not the victim I thought I was. I was working through something and now I see what it was. It was a fear-based pattern. And now I am taking my power back, with the ideas of the Course to help me.

    Namaste, and I look forward to reading more of your work.

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