The Gifts of God

 In Awakening

 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

A Course in Miracles talks about the gifts of God meeting all of our needs. I used to think that those were meeting the needs of form, but am I now correct in realizing that those gifts of God are not physical?

The gifts of God truly are not physical. The gift of God is you and all that you Are, the scope of you that is the scope of Him. Now, that gift having been given to you, what you do with it brings to you all of the other things which you would categorize in this physical state as being “gifts.” I would suggest that once you have seen yourself beyond the limitations you now impose, you would not categorize these things as being gifts at all. They would simply be accompaniments; things that were attached to the experience you have chosen to have. All things of physical or material form are manifested as an accommodation to illustrate the experiences you have chosen.

Are they aspects of our entire Self as God created us that we have allowed ourselves to recognize and accept?

Let me say to you that basically, the You that God created exists solely and fully in the form of Love. Now, what you decide to do with the power of that Love constitutes the choosing of an experience. And when that experience puts you in a state of mind that allows you to believe that you are separate from God, that you are less than what God created, then you develop a sense of need. You will then begin to search for something to fill that need. Being unaware of your own abilities to fulfill whatever need you have, you will look outside yourself and ask for a gift. And in the asking, you acknowledge the limitation of who you think you are.

There is nothing that exists, within or around any experience you may choose to have, that is not totally and constantly present within the scope of that experience. The dichotomy would appear to be that you may choose an experience which you consciously feel would be most desirous to you, that of enjoying a happy, fun-filled life, yet it would appear to take more financial resources to fulfill that experience than you have at your disposal. What I would encourage you to understand is that the financial limitations exist because you do not accept that money flows to you as freely as your belief allows it to happen.

Everything to fulfill your experience is present when you have no limitations on receiving it. It is only when you are in a state of feeling there is need or lack, and you are not paying attention to the reality of the experience but seeing only a portion of it, that you feel there is a need to make something else to fulfill that experience. And at that point, you become quite interested in the process called manifestation.

Feeling a need to manifest occurs as you see yourself wanting something that your rational mind tells you is beyond your logical ability to have. It is most often seen as invoking some mysterious cosmic law or as a gift of God as evidence of His Love. Manifesting form of any nature does not occur as the result of an “abundant universe”. It takes place because you now experience yourself as being in a physical universe whose only basis for having physical form is the meaning you attach to it. Therefore, as a need arises in your mind, in order for it to become part of your physical experience, you translate its meaning into form.

You are in a perpetual state of manifesting. You are just not aware of it. You only see it happening as you focus your intent upon it. So as you feel the need to change, embellish or broaden the scope of an experience, the only thing I encourage you to understand is that there should be a concurrent recognition that all of the accoutrements that are needed to bring about a change in that experience will be instantly present as soon as you have identified the parameters and released all limitations to its manifestation.

[ch 3, pg 93]

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