The end of struggle

 In Awakening

 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

“I’ve striven, I’ve worked so hard and so long that I am almost overwhelmed by the thought of more struggling.”

But you see, what I have suggested to you is the elimination of more struggle.

Let me suggest a way for you to establish the validity of what I have said when I spoke to you about it being impossible for you to be a victim. Beyond your recognition at this moment, you already do have a clear realization of the sensation of peace. Trust this to be true and it will come into focus. In your heart of hearts, you already recognize most clearly you do have the power and the recognition to call peace into your experience. Call upon it and trust it to be so. You are not a victim. I would not suggest anything to you that was beyond your grasp.

I have the confidence in your ability to choose peace. If you need to rely upon my confidence, then do so. But recognize that it is only my confidence that you are relying upon. It is not my choice that will be forced upon you, but only my confidence in your choice. Choose peace, and allow it to be so. I said to you before that this would be the path that would be most difficult for you to take because it is the one you have refused to embark upon before.

“I will pursue it. I will work upon it.”

No work, please. Trust that if you choose it so, it is done. And to see the results of what you have chosen, you have but to relax and trust and experience.

Were it possible for you to experience my physical countenance, I would be smiling. And I would be smiling because I cannot see any side to you that is not reflective of perfection.

You mentioned before though, that you were aware that I was very frustrated. I am aware of your feelings for yourself and I am aware of my feelings for you. And while the two in reality are one, your perception is one which does not reflect truth. I see your distortion, but it does not blind me to the truth. I may look through your eyes into your dream, but I recognize your dream as being unreal. That is why we truly are joined. I have shared your experience of both truth and illusion.

[ch 1, pg 22]

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