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[From Dialogue on Awakening]

“Did we create the body we inhabit? Is this an ongoing process throughout the experience we call the physical life.”

What I am referring to most specifically is the general nature of your body that you have chosen to make prior to the coming into the incarnate state. It is true that once you have entered into this state, the body is continuously making changes and those changes are entirely compatible to the experiences that you are having at that time. The most dramatic evidence of this is the body changing by way of age. Because you believe as time goes by in the incarnate state that you are growing older, and because that is your belief pattern, the body obliges and does age. And because you believe in death, the body will apparently die and cease to have the function which you had originally given it. Other illustrations, of course, would be if you had chosen to manifest an illness or an accident, the body would change to fit that pattern as well. The body is an accommodation to the experience. And it serves to identify to you what consequences you have attached to the experience. As you come to a point of understanding your experiences, you will come more and more to recognize that in Reality there are no consequences, and that will be one of the reasons you will begin to wonder what the purpose of the body is truly for.

In a conversation such as this, it would be easy to think that I was putting down the body, so to speak, and I would not like you to have this impression. My encouragement is for you to enjoy the greatest aspect of every experience that you possibly can. Know the fullness of every experience. If that experience involves being in a body, then to know the fullness of it necessitates the body being present. So honor the body. Honor it for the purpose it fulfills in bringing to your conscious recognition the fullest possible aspect of the experience that you have chosen to have.

“Are you saying that this step is happening because we are actually becoming more aware that we are more than a body?”

You are long attempting to learn there is no creative force outside of God. Would this appearance now not seem to, at the very least, call this belief into question? In simple terms, the ego (again) is saying, “Why do you need God when you have me?” I tell you not to be concerned because I can assure you that this, as with all other attempts to deny God, will soon pass away.

[ch 8, pg 201]

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