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 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

“Through the years I have heard the term “cosmic soulmate” and “twin flame.” Is there any validity to these terms?”

From the point of reference that you are seeking this information, the answer would be no. From the broadest point of reference it is impossible for there to be anything other than soulmates that exist within the Christ. We are all reflections of one another. You are seeking to know if there are two aspects of the Christ who could be special, one to the other, and I suggest this is not an appropriate line of thinking. As there is none who is greater, it would be most inappropriate for you, in your attempt to recognize the equality and the wholeness of the Christ, to recognize that every experience that is had within the Christ is equally shared by all, and then attempt to rationalize how two of those expressions could have a special and independent relationship.

As you choose experiences which, in your mind, are chosen from a point of view which does not recognize the wholeness of the Mind of the Christ, you may choose to have them with special expressions who are also not in recognition of their wholeness. Those experiences will be like any other experiences of individual relationships that occur. They may transcend subsequent choices of being in a incarnate or discarnate state simply because that is the way you have chosen to have it.

Please remember, all the experiences that you are having are experiences that you carefully planned. And your plans are not limited. Should you choose to have a cosmic mate and one of you would say, “Well, I think I’ll go to this end of the cosmos this time around. Why don’t you go to the other and we’ll meet back here and compare notes,” so be it. It would be no different from your saying to one now, “I think I’ll go to town. Why don’t you go some where else. We’ll meet at home tonight and talk it over.” You are not limited in your choice of experience because each experience finds its origin within your mind. My only suggestion to you is that you do not attach a spiritually important significance to these cosmic relationships. Your relationship is based upon your choice to know yourself.

“Do we sometimes come into human form with a group of friends, if you will, and touch each others lives at different times?”

The answer is the same. You may have it any way you like it. You communicate and make plans with those within this carnate state. Do you think there would be some special way of not being able to communicate when you were in a discarnate state? We have spoken often that nothing changes but your mind. Being with a body or being without a body is only another choice that you make. The range of possibilities is only different based upon whether or not you chose to experience something with a physical body or not. Your mind is not resident within your body. When you have chosen to have a body you mistakenly limit your frame of reference to your mind as being that body.

“When we choose to come into a physical experience, do we always stay in a human body form or do we experience a variety of physical forms here or someplace else? Do we mix things up or do we stay consistent?”

The choice again would be yours. I would say to you, however, that in most cases, choices are made to experience the fullness, the maximum amount of each of what you would refer to as the “physical plane” or dimension before choosing to experience another. It is not necessarily true; it is only most often the case. If you should decide to enter upon another choice of experiences that did not entail the need for a physical body, you would be free to make those choices as well.

“Why would we want to incarnate within this state of limitation at all? Why didn’t I come in at another level without such limitation?”

You are still operating under the impression that there is some outside influence which is “bringing you in and taking you out”. Your state of mind is either limited or unlimited, or any stage in between. So wherever you “go”, you do so based upon whatever your belief is at that moment. And, as you would go to any other existence, any other form of experience, because you create that experience first within your mind, you will create it either in a broader or a more narrow sense of limitation based upon what your understanding is. It’s not like you’re going into the discarnate state where you suddenly are totally Awake, and then say, “I think I’ll dive back into this form of experience and limit my vision to this much.” Your vision is always as broad as you allow it to be, but it doesn’t change between incarnate and discarnate form.

[ch 8, pg 215]

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