Remembering who you are

 In Awakening

 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

“I find myself continually oscillating back and forth between my lower self and who I am. Is there any process to remind me of who I am?”

That is the process, to continue to remind yourself of who you are. You see, once you really come down to that core issue of “Am I really acceptable?” it leads you to the exploration of “Who am I?” If I need to know whether or not I am acceptable then I must identify myself. I need to know if who I am has any worth. I suggest to you that if who you are has no worth, there is no worth in the Mind of God.

This is an issue that you each must face. Ask first, “Am I an expression, an extension of the Mind of God?” And if you answer, “Indeed I am,” and then refuse to accept the value of who you Are, you have refused to accept the value of the Mind of God.

You see, this is the key to your really being able to admit that you have only perceived yourself as separate from the Mind of God. If you can overcome that hurdle, then the answer to your question will be obvious, will it not? If you are an undiluted, undistorted expression of the Mind of God, and if you have no value, there is no value in the Mind of God. Ask the question. You know the answer.

That’s really what we come to each time that we disavow the love that exists within us as being the only true expression there is of us. It is no more complex than I am telling you this very instant. If there is value in the Mind of God, if there is love in the Mind of God and you are an expression of it, why don’t you accept it?

Do you want a definition of being Awake versus being asleep? You’ve just got it. It is only that; it is your acceptance of the recognition of who you Are. And there is obviously nothing to do to attain that except believe it. So whatever process you may ask for or concoct for yourself, it is a process with but this one goal: making you believe what you already know to be true.

Now that I have sounded so grim, let me give you the bright side. There is no way for you not to do this. It is who you Are, and you may not hide from it forever. Your memory does not become lost because you do not appear to use it. And in the moment of recognition, you will remember instantly that it has never been gone. It is the same experience that you have now as you awaken from a dream when you are sleeping.

[ch 1, pg 25]

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