REALLY Live A Miraculous Life!

 In Awakening

All that is real is love. Love is all there is. It’s one thing to say this and another to BELIEVE it and better yet, LIVE IT!

In this video taken at the ACIM Conference in New York, Rev. Maria Felipe shares how she has been able to turn an “ancient hatred” into a divine experience of living the presence of love. To be aware of loves presence we must practice consistently on removing the false Ideas we believe. She shares practical tools (with much joy and enthusiasm) that will help in removing the barriers to love and experiencing fully A Present Love like no other!

A Cuban-American born in Miami, Maria Felipe stands at 5’9" tall with a towering personality to match. Her charisma has captivated thousands of viewers across the United States and beyond, as her pursuit of an acting career resulted in dozens of appearances in national commercials, hosting successful TV shows (including World Wrestling Federation shows with live audiences of 20,000), and traveling the world as a model. After success in her field she felt called inward, and studied to become a Reverend with Pathways of Light, an accredited religious school inspired by A Course in Miracles. Maria is a dynamic speaker in both Spanish and English. She leads services monthly at Unity Church in Burbank, where she created the church's first regular Spanish service, as well as performing services in English. Her talks now draw both Spanish and English speakers from all over Southern California. (Click image to ready full bio)

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