Peace Through Doing

 In Awakening

 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

I recently had an experience in which I was in a certain space or feeling within me that lasted the whole day. There was no doubt or fear there. How do I get back into that space consciously?

I call your attention to the fact that on this day, you were in a state of non-thinking. You were in a state of feeling. It is the thinking part that generates the doubts and the fears. When you are in a state of feeling, you are most closely aligned to your state of Being. Very often, this is thought to be a most difficult process and state of mind to put yourself into because, after all, you have described yourself as a thinking being. Thinking has become a process which is mistakenly believed to be synonymous with knowing, and I will reinforce to you that this is upside-down knowledge. Knowing comes to you as you step back past your ego’s perception.

The feeling of this can be most easily achieved for you through your love of what you do. It is the process of losing your thinking patterns in the process of doing something that brings you peace. So it is not “doing” as you might describe it which encompasses the acts of thinking and planning. In your case, it is the doing of that which you love which releases the need to think and, therefore, opens up the process of being able to clearly feel. The feeling comes to you because of the love that is generated by what you are doing.

“Doing” has become a bad word because it generally has been associated with willfulness. The doing as I am describing it to you now is more aptly described as willingness … a willingness to surrender yourself to a feeling of self-acceptance which is achieved through the simple act of loving what you are doing.

[ch 2, pg 55]

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