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 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

As you allow yourself to reside more consistently in a peaceful state, the truth of this will become known to you. Let me put it another way: when you are in touch with your natural state of Being, when you are in a feeling of harmonious peace and requests are made from this state, there is only one way for you to experience the results. Likewise, when your mind is in a state of confusion and a state of fear, the only way for you to experience what is made manifest by those fears is in a fearful fashion. In its most simplistic form you may think of it like this: chaos in; chaos out, peace in; peace out, love within; love without.

The meaning of what I am telling you is becoming more apparent. There is nothing that happens to you; there are only the thought processes and patterns of the state of mind in which you exist. That constitutes the sum total of it. What you experience as your physical reality is only a confirmation of what you are experiencing in your mind. And as you go through this Awakening process, you will discover that it is not even necessary for the physical confirmation. All that is happening to you is happening in your mind.

Should you continue to experience any unpleasantness in your physical existence, then know that there has been a value placed by your ego on these experiences. And once again, rather than judging yourself as being bad because you have allowed these to happen, see them as a reflection of what is going on in your mind, and choose again. Therein lies your freedom! Choose again, and again, and again and again until the process of your choosing becomes one of normally, naturally wanting to choose peace.

Now, there is another thing that is troubling you which is, “How can I choose peace, how can I consistently put these choices into effect in my mind when apparently my mind, my thinking, my life is so influenced by other lives around me?” Allow me to assure you that this is another ploy of your ego to reinforce that your existing patterns can not possibly be changed unless all the other people’s patterns around you conform to your way of thinking. And I will tell you, this is upside down. The truth is it will not be seen by you that any other patterns of thinking around you are changing until you have changed your own. It is in your thinking processes that you have perceived the ego focus which seems to be apparently taking place in those around you.

When I say you will only experience that which resides in your mind, I do not say this is true with the exclusion of how you would experience the effects of someone else’s activities. There are no exceptions to this principle. As difficult as this will be for you to believe and understand, I will tell you this: when your mind resides in a state of total peace, when it is impossible for you to experience anything other than peace, you will see everyone around you existing within that same peaceful state. I do not offer this to you as an intellectual exercise in trying to understand how this would happen. I offer it to you simply as a statement of truth.

In your particular place of thinking at this moment, the primary value in having the physical experience is to show you what is happening within your mind. As you see something seemingly taking place in your life, see it as an opportunity to know what is happening in your mind.

When you experience harmony and peace and boundless joy, know that your mind is in a state of reflecting a truer perception of your Reality. When you experience fear or lack of any kind, simply know that is what is in your limited mind. Do not judge yourself for this; it is not even necessary to know why it is there. It is enough to know of its residence and to know with equal certainty you have the opportunity to choose for it not to be there.

The truth of this could not be more simple. I recognize the practical application of your consistently choosing to have this unqualified peace is not perceived by you as being a simple process. But please do not confuse the simplicity of the truth with what you may experience as difficulty in implementing it. Do not be misled by your ego as you attempt to choose peace. When you do not see it manifest, don’t say, “There must be something more complex that I am not understanding,” for indeed, there is not. The complexity lies only in the implementation of what I am telling you.

I know that some of you have also had the feeling of needing to pull yourself out of a financial rut and have indeed been attempting many things to accomplish this. And when they do not seem to work, you ask yourself if perhaps there is something different that you should be doing; perhaps there is another path, a better way. To apply the principles of which I have just been speaking, I would suggest you approach it with an understanding that it is not what you do that will achieve the purpose that you desire. It is the frame of mind within which you find yourself that will be the difference.

You have approached your many tasks with the thought system, the belief, that the harder you work, the greater will be your reward. This belief is based upon an historical reference of what you perceive as having been taught to you through prior experience. This is an incorrect perception. If you will examine it, however, you will see that it has illustrated to you the very point that I was describing earlier; because you have first made a belief of this, it has therefore become a reality for you. In your current circumstances, the fear that is resident and accompanying this belief system has imposed the limitations which you are experiencing. How many times recently have you said to yourself, “No matter how much I do, it doesn’t seem to work!” Your saying that is a description and an expression of the thought pattern which I am describing, and it is that thought pattern that is proving itself to you by not working. It is what you are experiencing that is simply a confirmation of what your are thinking.

Manifesting physical needs can be perceived and experienced in as limited or as limitless a frame of reference as you hold in your mind as being the appropriate expression of your Being. When you give any form of limitation to it, then it will be limited. When you perceive it as being unable to work, then it will not work. When you remove your sense of limitation, then you will experience it as being limitless.

The only boundary that exists to an experience of any nature is the boundary that exists within your frame of thinking at the time that you shape it. So when your motive becomes to experience your Self, you will experience it without limit simply because that is the only true description of you: a Being without limit.

To try to understand how all this works at this moment would only be an additional excuse for your intellect to enter the picture. What I am telling you at this moment will not register with your logical, rational mind. But as you release the boundaries within which that logical, rational mind holds you, then you will create the space for the recognition of the truth to resonate within you.

Your ego would have you believe that it will become increasingly easy for you to experience your spiritual or enlightened Self as you are able to relieve the fiscal responsibility and become more peaceful, and this too, is backwards. Choose to be within a state of peace. With assurance, choose to have your financial problems solved. It will be done and in a way that brings peace and happiness, harmony and joy into your awareness.

You cannot be joyful because you have solved a problem that has come into your awareness. This would only confirm to you that it is possible for other problems to come into your awareness which you would then have to go through the process of solving to bring you additional joy. When you recognize your Self as being the Presence of joy, you will know that there are no problems that accompany it. Problems are not reflective of a joyful mind. So let’s keep the horse in front of the cart. Attention directed toward the memory of your Self does not promote fearful thinking.

You have but one choice to make and that is to either continue seeing through the blinders and veils of past perception, or to start anew. I would encourage you to begin this new process with the expectation that you have requested truth, and truth will come to you. It will come as rapidly as you create the space to enable yourself to hear it. So I ask you to begin the process now. Do not attempt to understand what I am saying. Simply say to yourself, “I choose peace instead of this.” Allow yourself to feel the accompanying warmth of the Love that envelopes you as you recognize the Presence of the peace you have chosen. Recognize your Self in this space and the rest will be known to you.

[ch 3, pg 73]

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