Let God Love Through You

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I want to share a spiritual tool with you that has been really helpful for me. Lately, I have been noticing that I feel the love of God most intensely when I allow His love for “others” to come through me.

When I am feeling frustrated or annoyed, I recognize that experience is coming from a place of seeming lack of love. Then I remember: God is the source of love and there can be no lack of love.

In those moments, Holy Spirit whispers to me, “Let God love through you.”

Yes, I can do that. I am willing to choose love. I am willing to be an open conduit for love to come through me. So, I surrender. I step back. I allow God’s love for people, things, and situations “outside” of me to come through me. I do not source the love, but it rushes through me to meet whatever I perceive.

It is then that I can feel how deeply God loves everything. He loves everyone with such a profound, limitless love.

When I let God love through me, I see people and situations in an immaculate new light, which my grievance or resentment against them had prevented me from seeing before.

I LOVE to feel God’s love for “others” pour through me like a fire hose. If you feel resistant to any person or situation in your life, you can let God love through you. All you have to do is open your heart. The love is already there. All we are doing is allowing ourselves to be used so that God’s love can come through.

A beautiful reward of allowing God to love through you is that you are filled with love.

Check out my video above to hear about my experience of letting God love through me. His love bubbles up in me and overflows the seeming limits of my body. It is ecstasy. It is union. It is home.

Melissa Chavez is a Licensed Minister and a Spiritual Adviser. She received her B.A. from the University of Notre Dame where she challenged the Catholic up-bringing that had dominated her spiritual life up until that point. She subsequently attended law school where she was quickly disillusioned with the politics of the justice system and its manipulation of “truth.” She decided to leave law school, sell everything she owned, and move to the beaches of California, where she was propelled into her spiritual awakening. There she found a book called “A Course in Miracles” which has been the guiding spiritual practice of her life. Melissa has since been licensed as a Minister after 5 years of study, during which she has fully committed herself to her spiritual journey. She has recently founded ChooseHappyThoughts.com where she offers private sessions in person, by phone, or online. She is dedicated to sharing the tools that have helped in her own spiritual transformation. Melissa is truly passionate about life and about connecting with her fellow man. She is honored to be engaged in her own spiritual awakening and happy to encourage others to do the same. (Click image to read full bio)
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  • Maryanne Mesple

    thank you Melissa! This message is so beautiful, so clear, and has given me new words too, in expressing ‘being a conduit’ vs attempting to be the ‘source’. Perfect!

    Heart Hugs,
    Maryanne Mesple

  • Maryanne Mesple

    (can’t edit my above message) You simple message here is so spot on I will be sharing your video in our next ACIM study group meeting.

    Again, Thank you,

  • mahalo for the way you shared this … it’s as lovely and beautiful as you are … and that’s REALLY lovely and beautiful!! this is a wonderful explanation of a way to be loving and kind … thank you very much! well said …

  • Melissa Chavez

    Thank you! I am so glad you were touched by my expression. I am honored to be joined by you ladies on this journey without distance.

  • Suzann Kale

    Thank you, Melissa. I am in a relationship “situation,” and your wonderful video has helped me so much. I can be a “conduit” for God’s love. All I have to do is open my heart. God does the rest.

    Thank you,

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