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 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

In the last year, I have been feeling a conflict with continuing to do my volunteer work, and at the same time part of me seems to be saying I shouldn’t be a quitter but should finish what I’ve started. If I do quit the volunteer work and there is a void, will the universe fill the void for me?

Let me say two things: First, I will attempt to eliminate a lot of the mystery that surrounds the question, “What shall I do? What are the things that I may do that will bring me closer to the realization and recognition of my peace within and ultimately to the discovery and remembrance of myself?” And I will say to you, it is totally immaterial what you do. It matters not. Please hear me and dwell upon this.

It does not matter what you do. The significance of anything you attach yourself to is the why of your doing it.

We will return once again to the premise that there is nothing happening in your world except that which is expressive and reflective of your thinking process at any given moment. Should you elect to work with any group, do so. Do so and ask yourself why you are there. What is it you are trying to discover that you are trying to teach yourself through this experience?

Allow whatever that choice may be to become the lesson. The task will be unimportant; why you are doing it will mean everything. As you come to a closer alignment with this understanding, you will ultimately know that you may choose any task, or you may choose no task, and the result will be exactly the same.

But again, I suggest that you do not stand in judgment of yourself or think that one method is better or more spiritually advanced than another. Be where you are every moment. Honor where you are every moment. Do not stand in judgment or resist anything that seems to come to your mind, or presents itself to you as either a challenge or a positive or negative experience. Stand before it and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand why. You may pick any situation that you like to bring you the understanding of whatever lesson it is that you have decided to learn, or merely an experience you have decided to have.

I will tell you that the choices you have made to this point have been made with the understanding that by changing the environment around you, you will be making the world a better place for yourself and for others. As a motive, this is quite laudable. But as a teaching device, it is ineffectual because you are asking the event to teach you as opposed to allowing the answer to come from within yourself and merely be illustrated through the event. You see, it is a very subtle difference. On the one hand, you are focusing your attention on the event as being the answer, and on the other, you are focusing your attention inward and recognizing yourself to be the answer. But the event does not change.

How many times have we spoken that the world does not change; only your perception of it does. And how does your perception change? It changes as you change your mind about yourself and the world then appears to change. There is nothing in the world that is not made and not put there as a result of your thinking.

A change of attitude will change your experience. So to answer your question directly, I must say to you, become more tuned in as to what it is that you are seeking. Ask. Always ask. It will be in the asking that you will bring to your conscious attention the answer that you are seeking. I have said before, many questions are answered but are not heard. You will not hear the answer until you have opened your mind to it. You open your mind to it by clearly defining what it is that you seek to know.

Your ego at that point will attempt to quickly outline the limiting parameters within which it will allow the answer to become apparent to you. It will do so based upon your past judgments of what these experiences have meant to you; but of course, that is what you are seeking to change. So I would only suggest to you that you allow yourself to be open to hearing whatever the answer may be, even though it may be presented to you in quite a different fashion than what you have experienced before.

I would like to give you a small hint: Many times you will wonder whether or not you have received an answer. You will ask the question and then say, “Is this the answer that I am to hear?” And you will wonder whether or not this is another dictate of your ego or if you have, indeed, heard the Voice of your whole Self. To know the difference ask, “Within this answer, have I become more loving? Have I become more peaceful? Do I find joy here?” That is, incidentally, only one question because the three are the same. You will know, based upon these criteria, whether the answer has come from the totality of your Self, or from your limited self.

[ch 2, pg 64]

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