Flower Power

 In Awakening

Early this morning as I wandered in my garden with my cup of tea, I noticed a flower that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I was awe-struck by its exquisite beauty and its innocence, and surprised me especially as it may have been growing from a neighbor’s garden. I felt it giving without condition, that is to say, this flower in all its radiance didn’t care who I was, where I had been, what I had done (good, bad or indifferent). It gave itself away freely, regardless of the “me” standing in front of it. Just like our sun which shines itself on everything equally without a hint of hesitation, it asks nothing back and just shares. It’s not fussy about where its light and energy goes. It simply IS.

It’s so obvious that it may escape our notice. The force of life is what sustains and animates everything on the material plane. Without it, creation ceases to exist. Life is simply happening within and without, on a macro and micro level, far and wide and deep. All of life is yearning to be known, sharing itself in its extraordinary generosity through the manifest universe.

It shares everything because it lacks nothing.

Life is only here to be given away. This love-light is not only within you, it is you. Everything you ever sensed, anything you ever did, all memories, dreams, and all your joy and sadness was still happening in the glow of loves light. There’s nothing within life that is not of it. All of you is gleaming already, so let go of thinking you have to direct it at all. Just BE.

The power in the flower is in its ineffable simplicity, it’s Gods undying gift in us all, born in the radiance of it. Coming to know this is our holy inheritance. Seeing we are pure life itself and giving it away is our reason for being.

Go on then, shine your beauty and remind the world with your sweet perfume!

  • Doug Waagen
    Doug Waagen

    I feel this to be a lovely article illustrating an authentic ownership of Course principles. To me the point of the Course is about actualizing, in one’s everyday life, about actually taking the directional signposts offered by the teaching.

    For example, in paragraph one, Katherine noticed the ‘beauty and innocence’ of a flower. To me, that represents a quieted mind that is resting in it’s own innocence, that is resonating with the innocence of a flower. So, one’s quieted mind is noticing itself for what It is, beauty and innocence. Here’s the unconditional love of God becoming aware of Itself. I would say, That is what’s really going on in this dimensional experince. Consequently, the world is no longer being reflected as a solid dense world of parts, but a world of innocence and unconditional love, all awakening and awake in God’s mind. To me, this article represents a perfect living example of how Awareness can be conscious of Itself. I see Katherine sharing this experience through the words that express her Divine experience, through which God is Realized.

    Katherine’s receivership of divine awareness which feels to me free flowing through this experience, represents Oneness with the flower, which is really Oneness with Self. Only God is. So God is really expressing Itself through Katherine and through the flower. And Katherine has accepted the calling for seeing and being living Truth. And as the author has surrendered her position of separation, she is in Union with Source,which to me is the wide open doorway to Knowing. To me, here’s the big opportunity for living awake, that is, what the world offers through becoming conscious of one’s awareness and in this case, the flower.

    In awakened mind, God is aware of God. Which, to me, is Reality.

    Again to me, this article brings opportunity after opportunity to step out of the space time paradigm, into Higher mind, awareness of God’s mind.

    This article speaks of ‘regardless of ‘the me’, in the 1st paragraph. In my mind, ‘regardless’ meaning without regard, without remembering the me, without remembering to look through the eyes of a separate me consciousness. With that, one is Free.

    There are so many openings here to simply let go into God Consciousness. In the last paragraph, the author speaks of ‘God’s undying gift in us all’. To me, that’s an opportunity to let go feel eternal life.
    In the final paragraph, “Seeing we are pure life itself’, to me, ‘pure life’ means the purity of God, undiluted without any illusions of separation.

    While this commentary could go on and on because the writing is so rich with Divine doorways, finally, for example, the author mentions ‘giving it away is our reason for being”. I feel this giving the gentle signpost, ‘see this beauty and innocence in all’. As I see It before me, I am conscious of the Divine and this is simultaneously my giving Divine beauty away. In this, I am giving it away to collective consciousness, my focus of attention and myself.

    Thank you for the opportunity to join in Union with all that is Katherine, through your beauty and innocence.

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