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 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

One of our principal questions relates to the way in which we are conducting ourselves and the status of our financial affairs. We’ve been, to the best of our ability, following guidance in our activities and resisting efforting, choosing to do those things which give us peace. Everything is going well except it is getting exceedingly hard for us to make ends meet financially. Are we doing the right thing or should we shift our attention to some other activities which would make it easier for us to get by each month?

There are two areas to which I would direct your attention in regard to this question. The first deals with your concern as to what you are interpreting as following the guidelines that you are learning about bringing money into your area of perceived need. What I would like to say to you is that there is too much emphasis being placed on the specific form. This seems to be a tendency that arises as one studies the philosophies that are perceived as being a path toward enlightenment. I would like you to understand that there are no formal intricacies involved in this path. Think of it more clearly as your trying to put yourself in a peaceful state of mind that remembers that which already is. And for this, I am sure you can readily understand, there is no formula.

The belief has become too cemented in your mind that there is something that you need to do to change who you are, as opposed to just allowing yourself to recognize what already Is. When you believe that there is something that you need to learn in order to, for example, manifest an adequate income, that perception, I will tell you, is backwards. Direct your attention again to what we have said many times before: there is only one thing going on and that is the process of the recognition of your Self. That process is best recognized by adjusting your simple day to day thought patterns to be more in alignment with who you Are.

Let me say it this way: a peaceful, loving, unconditionally allowing attitude brings to your conscious mind a closer alignment of the recognition of your whole Mind. If it were this process only that you were concerned with, you would find all of the other things that you perceive to be necessary to maintain your physical life would be met, and they would be met in a most natural way without a sense of effort, without any sense at all that there was something that needed to be changed other than your pattern of thinking.

You see, when you are in alignment with your natural state of peace and harmony and being the extension of Love that you truly Are, that state of Mind knows quite securely what is necessary to provide for your physical comforts. The assurance that goes along with this state of Mind brings clarity, and then that clarity is translated beautifully into what you would determine as meeting your needs.

What is currently happening is a state of confusion, and a state of confusion must, of necessity, leave your mind in doubt. The doubts are interpreted by your ego as a fear that you are not doing the right thing to manifest your needs. And in that lack of clarity and doubt, what you are perceiving as a need to be fulfilled will not happen.

The second area to address would be this: You are at all times totally, fully and completely experiencing the embodiment of your thought system. I would go further and tell you that at each and every moment you are the embodiment of that thought system. So now you see, if you couple the first with the second, it will be more easily understood that when that thought system becomes one of knowing and trust, the extension more truly of who you really Are, then that will be the embodiment of what you experience. I would encourage you not to direct your attentions towards what you may perceive as specific avenues of manifestation or other tangents, but to concentrate more basically on knowing who you Are.

Let me refresh your memory as to some of the things that you are not: You are not confusion, you are not anger, you are not fear. But when these things, these thoughts or feelings are in your conscious mind then they will, in fact, be experienced. Please do not understand or interpret this as being a negative thing or another reason to judge yourself as being lacking. More clearly understand that all things that come to you are coming to you in direct response to what you have requested. You have requested them by allowing them to be in your mind.

So I say again, there is nothing to change but your mind. It will be most helpful for you to remember that this change is not one that results in an efforting on your part to do something or think something that is other than that which already exists in your Mind. What already exists there is being covered up by an illusion of who you think you are. So don’t undertake this process of changing your mind with an attitude that says, “I must become something.” Approach it more directly with a secure knowing on your part that the change is merely bringing you back into a realignment with what you have always been. Think of it, if you will, as a process of bringing yourself out of a state of amnesia.

Does this mean then that we will not experience prosperity and abundance in our lives until we have reached a point of living without confusion, anger, disharmony in any way? Somehow I have a hard time believing that we have to be perfect before we can start experiencing our abundance.

You misunderstood. My intent was to convey to you that what is necessary is to be perfectly clear. You see, to make the statement that says, “We need to be perfect in order to experience abundance,” is again putting the equation upside down. You are already perfect. There is no need for you to strive for perfection. You need more simply to recognize that which you already Are. The fact that you are not already experiencing abundance simply indicates that you are not allowing yourself to be in a position to receive it, and that is happening because your mind exists in a state of confusion. The emphasis, if you will, has been placed upon the effect instead of the cause.

You are undoubtedly aware of and can point out many examples of people who experience great financial wealth and who are not at all, in terms that you would describe, spiritually aware. I will assure you, however, that in the cases that you would mention, there is great clarity in the mind of that individual as to what it is they wish to experience. And I would say to you this moment, that should you choose to experience financial abundance and this becomes the sole emphasis that you hold in your mind to the exclusion of all other interests, then you will have it, not because it has been bestowed upon you as a gift, but more simply, because it is held in your mind with total clarity.

Now you are asking how that fits with what I have described before as allowing a peaceful state of mind to manifest the same thing. Both have arrived because of the clarity that exists, but one has come about because that has been the sole intent of what is to be achieved, and the other occurs as a natural result of your quest for a state of peace which is the recognition of the process taking place as an answer to your total question, “Who am I?” What happens in your physical experience in the light of being in this frame of mind, is the experience of seeing yourself as whole. The experience of achieving financial wealth, when that has been the sole focus, will be perceived by you as simply having money.

So you see, in either case, both are the embodiments of your state of mind. In each case, you will recognize that which you have received. When you request, focus and direct your clear, undivided attention on wealth, you will recognize that is what you receive. When you direct your sole, undivided and clear attention on understanding who you are, then you will recognize that this is what you receive, and the financial abundance that you will experience as a result will be further recognized by you as only having the importance that it truly has. You will then see it as simply a by-product, as opposed to the beginning and the end of everything that you are seeking.

You have heard but you have not believed what I have said in regard to your absolute ability to bring into your awareness within the physical embodiment anything that you hold in your mind with total clarity. This to you has no basis that you can rely upon from your past experience and therefore, you seemingly have no reason to put faith into it. When I encourage you to ignore all other diversions except the search for the memory of who you Are, I do so with the firm knowledge that once you have grasped the significance and the knowing that comes from this, you will no longer feel a need for justification of any nature from those things you have previously experienced. The trust and the faith of the process that simply emanates from this knowledge will then become secure within you, and there will be no lack of clarity as to what is in your mind and what you are directly experiencing as a result of its being there.

You see, all of the things that appear to be hurdles can only be answered by the knowledge that comes from this quest. It is only the ego that keeps you firmly locked into putting trust and faith in those things which you have previously experienced. And so it constantly becomes the challenge, if you will, of allowing yourself to drift beyond the ego’s barrier. You will not recognize yourself or the truth of what I am suggesting as long as you accept the ego’s interpretation of “show me.”

I think it would be appropriate here to make the circle complete and draw your attention to the first thing we spoke about in our conversation. Do not become overly concerned or misdirected by anything that you would interpret as a program or a process to accomplish that of which we have been speaking. All roads that you are taking lead surely to the answer of your primary question of, “Who am I?”

What I am suggesting to you is that you take the limited-access highway, which has fewer exits and allows for less diversion of your thinking. Allow the simplicity of living your life to be congruent and consistent with the expression of your Self, the expression and the embodiment of the Love that your Father created you to Be. It is within this loving framework that you know peace. Therefore, seek for peace to understand the Love. This is not a hypothetical or intellectual way to approach the issue … it is the only way for you to understand and recognize the response to your original question, which was, “Who am I?” There are no other questions and there truly are no other answers that are fitting to be perceived by you. All other things will be diversionary and will indeed inhibit your total understanding. Learning how to manifest wealth would teach you nothing; understanding that all things flow to you as an extension of your Being is to understand everything. So, please do not confuse the issues or think that one is predicated upon the other. Understand clearly, there is but one question and one answer.

[ch 3, pg 87]

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  • Elizabeth Geer
    Elizabeth Geer

    This is a wonderful dialogue. Truly words of Truth. I have been told much the same thing by my Inner Voice regarding abundance… Simply put, I was told that every time I experience a “dip” in conciousness, or even a twitch of fear, anxiety, depression or irritation, that I should (as quickly as I notice it) replace it with forgiveness. “Forgiveness” that in my state of perfection, I am merely imagining a state of imperfection and to give it over to the Holy Spirit for correction. In this way, I am able to keep the channels of abundance wide open. I simply say “yes” inside to all that meets my eyes, and greet all that I see with forgiveness. Not forgiveness that anything “wrong” or “bad” is ever happening to me, but forgiveness that I am a perfect being bearing witness to imperfection. I know the truth. My eyes decieve me and show separation, but my spirit knows of our Unity, perfection, and innocence.

    Peace and be well Tom!
    Elizabeth Geer

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