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 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

There is a great deal of confusion in your minds about how the actual mechanical effects are achieved in what you call “manifesting.” It is what I have spoken about before as, you will experience what you choose to see. Because you are already a totally perfect Being with no real sense of lack, for you to believe that you manifest material crutches, if you will, is for you to believe that you need those crutches. If, on the other hand, you are able to retain the recognition of the truth of your Self, and you set about this business of manifesting, do you see how you would approach it differently? You would then be seeing it from the standpoint of not having fear or need attached to it. You would see it simply become another piece in the game you have chosen to play. Another toy. You may have anything in this physical realm that you choose to have. I’ve said this before but it has never quite settled into a sense of knowledge.

The term “abundant universe” is an ego term if it refers to anything that comes to you because you have requested it from a feeling of need. The term “infinite universe” is more accurate because it helps you to reflect in your consciousness the awareness that an infinite universe really refers to the Mind of God. To believe that within the Mind of God abundance exists also creates the thought that there could be a lack. Abundance is a word that has an opposite. And opposites do not exist in the Mind of God.

Within the framework of the physical experience, you may create as much abundance as you desire. It is well, however, for you to recognize that this type of abundance has no connection to, and is not sponsored by, the Mind of God. What is valuable here for you to see is that this ability you have to create this abundance, even within the physical dimension, stems from your true creative capacities as an infinite Being. In the state of true Reality of who and what you are, your creative capabilities would be expressed very differently. But because nothing is withheld from you in this state of dreaming, you may also use this creative capacity in any fashion that you wish. If you wish it to make sickness to prove a point to you, then indeed, you will make sickness. If you use it to make abundance of any sort, then I would ask you to understand that it is also you who are making that abundance.

You have probably noticed that on occasion when you have attempted to make financial abundance or things for you to have within the physical experience, it will be accompanied by the thought that you are not deserving to have those things. I’d like to explain to you that this thought is not quite accurate. If you listen to it from the ego’s reference, then it could well be that the ego is trying to keep you in this state of confusion by telling you that you can’t really have this. And that if you attempt to have it and you don’t get it, then you will simply appear to be proving the ego’s point that you are not worthy of it.

What I am referring to here is another thought that will be in your mind as you try to create or manifest anything that you would term to be “abundant” while it still is accompanied by this nagging feeling that it is not quite right. That nagging feeling is your sense of the value of the abundance. And this is what I would ask you to change your awareness of. Allow yourself to lift the identification of this abundance as having value. If you wish to have something simply as a part of the experience of the physical dimension, understand clearly that you may have it. Understand also that the only value that you can appropriately attach to the knowledge of your ability to bring it about is that it ties very closely to your true creative ability which is the expression of who you Are. The thing itself that will be manifest in your physical consciousness has no value. But the fact that you can manifest or make it, and that this manifestation bears a parallel to the true expression of your Being, does have value.

I will also tell you that while the ego, in struggling to maintain a sense of importance to your identity, would, on the one hand, tell you that you do not deserve to have abundance manifest in your life, it could also, on the other hand, as you come into the full recognition of what the true meaning of manifesting is, turn completely around and tell you, “Ah, you see how wonderful it is because ‘we’ were able to do this!” To listen to either message would substantiate your sense of limitation, and that sense of limitation will be validated if you value the thing that you manifest. But if what you allow to happen is the recognition that the ability to manifest is nothing more than a parallel to the creative extension of your Being, then it takes on a totally different light.

When we are not in a state of limitation, are all our needs instantaneously met?

When you are fully Awakened, the word “need” is not even part of your vocabulary; there is only the recognition of fullness and wholeness. I would like to make something else clear here as well. This state of mind of limitation exists whether you are perceiving yourself as being a physical body or as being a spirit body. You are Mind, but as long as that Mind has any sense of limitation to it, then you will not experience the totality of your Being. Existence in physical form, however, presents you with the most radical departure from the concept of being Mind.

Should you become fully Awakened and still wish to retain a physical form, you would not simply cast off the perceived needs to support that form. Those would not disappear, because they are inherent in the arena of physical form. However, should you make this choice, you would realize very quickly what we have just discussed, which is that it would be quite easy for you to manifest whatever chosen need there was of either the physical form or the thing that you manifested to support it. These things would simply become by-products to being in the physical experience. And what I was relating to you before was that in the process of waking up, the same thing holds true. Manifest whatever you like, but recognize the difference.

We have spoken many times about the value of recognizing motivation, and I hope this serves to further clarify the meaning. One brings you from the point of view of need which serves to misdirect your attention from the real issue, while the other allows the real issue, which is your Awakening, to be fully resonant with you, to be fully resident within you as well. And then all other things that you attempt to bring into your conscious awareness within your physical experience are simply things that are desired to support that physical experience, but do not have a basis in Reality.

No one else, no other force in the universe, will support your call for manifestation, simply because every other force that exists within the universe that is in alignment with the recognition of the Mind of God sees no need. I am not trying to tell you here to abandon your need, only your definition of it. See it as a mechanism to support the physical experience and then do whatever you like with it.

Let me add one more thing in case it isn’t clear yet. The ego can send you on many wild goose chases with the belief that the choices you make have value attached to them regarding your being able to wake up. Please understand, these are diversions. They are only attempts by the ego to cloud your thinking from the single issue that is at hand. If you can hold this awareness and simply allow each choice as it appears to come with the full recognition that it doesn’t matter, you then can choose whatever it is you prefer. The significance is for you to understand that whatever choice you make simply needs to be made from the basis of recognition of your Being. This is what I have been referring to as making a choice that gives you a sense of peace. That sense of peace is the closest recognition that you currently have of being in alignment with your Self. The choices themselves have no value, but the motivation with which you make the choice is where the value lies.

You have asked to Awaken. You have asked to experience the true state of your Being. Is it not therefore absolutely congruent with all the principles that you are learning that this is what you will receive? And as we speak of manifesting a support system for the physical experience, do so in a way that is equally congruent with your realization of your Being. Therein lies the value of your recognizing the parallel aspects of manifesting within the physical experience and extending your creative nature in the state of Reality. The recognition that it is a parallel course, albeit confined to the physical experience, is the important issue. How could you dream to make something to support the physical experience while believing that the creation of it was necessary to support your real Being? And that’s what happens when you place importance on the thing you manifest as opposed to the process of the manifesting.

Simply allow things to come into your awareness. Allowing is the expression of your natural Being. You will recognize the ego taking part in the process when you recognize the urge to accomplish.

In the past when you have attempted to manifest things from the standpoint or basis of fear or a need or sense of lack, these things have not been manifest. I suggest to you that the fact that they have not is congruent with your request of Awakening. If they had been manifested when you had attempted to bring them into existence from the basis of fear, they would not be confirming of the true identity of your Being. You have not asked to be further fooled. Your request has been to remember the true nature of your Self. Therefore, is it not more simply understood that everything that happens to you happens to you in absolutely perfect congruence with this request? And when your ego requests something that does not appear, you will know that your request has been granted again.

Once we understand that, then is this physical experience like a playground?

The kind of playground you are referencing is not confined to physical experience. It exists in whatever state or dimension you happen to be in where you retain the sense of limitation. It could be confusing to encourage you to have a sense of playing within the dream and to concurrently encourage you to wake up from the dream. A more helpful focus for your attention is simply that it is a dream. And by a dream, I mean it is a sense of yourself that is not real. In the sense that you have made a physical backdrop as the stage upon which to perform your comedy/ drama, knowing that the part you are playing is but a caricature of your Self, do think of it as a playground. And with this recognition, play your part joyfully.

I would also encourage you to know that the joy you experience relieved of the limitation of dreaming far exceeds the “fun” that you categorize yourself as having while playing within the dream.

[ch 3, pg 81]

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  • Suzann Kale
    Suzann Kale

    “…if what you allow to happen is the recognition that the ability to manifest is nothing more than a parallel to the creative extension of your Being, then it takes on a totally different light.”

    Thank you, Tom.

    I was struck by your wonderful idea that the word “abundance” may be not that accurate because it implies an opposite. Love your idea that creation does not come from a sense of lack.

    There is so much wisdom in this article, and I am so grateful.


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