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 [From Dialogue on Awakening]

“Would you speak to us of balance? Of how to live on this earth in a body and also to be aware of the Reality of who we really are as an extension of God?”

Attempting to achieve a sense of balance between the infinite and the finite intellectually is much like juggling a combination of feathers and bowling balls. Pursuing the delicate feather as it floats free of the world’s gravity awakens a hidden sensation of great joy. Then your ego screams in your ear that a ball the size of a bowling ball is about to drop on your head because you’re chasing feathers instead of dealing with the “real world.” You therefore see the two as incompatible because you are trying to make them merge. Your intellect will not accept the notion of a bowling ball being supported by a feather. The infinite and the finite are not compatible. One exists and it is truth. The other does not and is but an illusion of truth.

Be clear that what you are attempting to balance is truth and illusion. It becomes an effort to compromise with truth until you feel safe enough to let go of illusion. You will find this balancing act ultimately becomes an exercise in futility, producing extreme frustration. The feather will not even support a pingpong ball. The solution then, does not become one of finding a balance or compromise while you’re in the process of trying to decide when to let go of your misperception. It becomes one of removing your focus from the misperception. You will pass through illusion to truth by focusing on truth, not by looking for ways to leave illusion behind or make it more comfortable on your journey through.

Please do not interpret this to be a suggestion that you project yourself to some point in the future when you have fully accepted the truth of your Self, or that you be anything less than completely joyful each and every moment. Living in truth is completely joyful!

My suggestion is not to focus on finding a balance between truth and illusion but to accept truth by choosing peace and joy in your life.

It is often thought that as the journey of Awakening progresses, there are other places where you will go to receive progressively greater wisdom to enhance your process of becoming enlightened. Various solar systems and planets have been described as the setting for this purpose. They hold out to you the promise of being magical places inhabited only by “Master Teachers” who will shape and mold your conscious awareness enabling you to also become a Master Teacher, a Divine Being.

The process sounds reasonable to you because it parallels your systematically progressive educational programs. It also relieves you of the responsibility for making your own choices, here and now, to remember that you are already a Master Teacher and as completely Divine as you ever will be. No one will teach you to awaken to this at some future time because there is only one time, now, and only one place, here, where you are now. Future awakening is not possible, for the future will always remain somewhere ahead of you. It cannot come closer and you will never be in it because it is only a concept of separation.

I would like to suggest that you try something. Allow yourself to envision the Mind of God. Be open to the feeling that comes. You are more aware of this than you consciously know. Within the scope of this Vision will be, as fully as you are able to allow it, all that exists; the totality of all Creation in its infinite expression. There will be no edges. There will be no definition or description of places within it. It will exist in wholeness.

And now I say that this is where you reside. This is the scope of your playground. Where you play within it is only determined by the limitation that you place upon your mind being able to experience it. As your conscious mind expands and each barrier is removed, the depth of your experience of the Mind of God opens to you. It has been described as levels of consciousness and ascending planes, but this is not appropriate. This is whole territory with no fences or boundaries or edges or distinctions. It exists wholly as the full expression of Creation which is God. And you are in the picture wholly. It is only through your putting a frame that has finite, limited edges around your own experience that you limit your experience of the whole. That is why I say there is no place to go. There is no place where you are not.

[ch 1, pg 23]

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