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[From Dialogue on Awakening]

“I think I understand what you are saying about aging and death and choices and yet I don’t seem to be able to stop aging at this point. Do you have any suggestions? How does that work?”

The entire process that you call “waking up” is not one that occurs as you selectively make conscious choices to facilitate specific things which you feel are part of the waking up process. In this particular case, your reference is to aging and, ultimately, to death. It is within your ego thinking that could you conquer aging, could you eliminate the need for death, it would be a sign to you of progress in your path of Awakening. I would encourage you to understand that this is not true. In the same way that you do not truly cure an illness of the body by treating the body, you do not facilitate Awakening by curing things that seem to be happening to you within the dream such as aging and death.

By applying your focus to these areas, you are continuing to think of the consequences of having a body. What I would like for you to understand is that the process is one which comes from within. It comes by your continuing to feel yourself letting go of the restrictions that seem to bind you to a state of dreaming. Not to the individual dreams that are taking place, but to the general regard of the dream. It is a process of allowing yourself—not pushing yourself, not feeling that there is something for you to grasp hold of and therefore to pull yourself out of the dream—but just to be in a constant state of awareness that you are dreaming. It is a process of allowing yourself to know that it will not be forever so, and that the process of Awakening is taking place in and of itself without your conscious willing, trying, or doing. I would remind you that the state of your Being is already in existence. That, in and of itself, must tell you that any act of will which seemingly creates something is really a detriment because it is in contradiction to your already being it.

If you have chosen not to have the experience of aging and not to have the experience of death, then allow it to be so. You allow it to be so by expanding all of your other choices to go beyond whatever limits those choices seem to have accompanying them. You see, it is the total concept of either being Awake or being asleep that brings about the choices that are either obvious within the dream or obvious by being Awake.

Allow me to give you an analogy: Should you wish to buy a car, you simply decide on the color and the function, perhaps a little bit as to what the interior would look like, and then you go get the car. You don’t manufacture each and every part that goes into the car. All of that is a function of what the car is. And when you are Awake, the clear reality and recognition of your choice not to age and not to experience a physical death is simply a function of the state of being Awake. It isn’t a conscious choice.

All experiences of limitation ultimately bring to your attention, through experience, their lack of value. And once you give up placing value on any type of limitation, you will have a clearer recognition of who you truly are.

[ch 8, pg 206]

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