Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

 In Awakening

Rev. Maria Felipe shares how to access your inner wisdom. The wisdom within that knows EVERYTHING. In this video you will find practical steps: Stop, Look and Listen that are most helpful in living a happy life!

Excerpts from video:

“Be responsible for your stuff; inner wisdom will guide you through. Be willing to listen to it. Invite it to guide you through your day on what to do, what to say, how to be.”

“Connect to your inner wisdom by allowing peace in; find that peaceful place within to tap into that always present divine wisdom. If you aren’t feeling peaceful, you aren’t thinking with your “right” mind.”

“The answers are within us; seeking outside approval and validation is a fear of responsibility. Listen to your intuition and wisdom and keep your power.”

“I am guided by divine wisdom in every thought, word and action.”

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