A Course in Miracles

Lesson 147

May 27

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My mind holds only what I think with God.

(133) I will not value what is valueless.

(134) Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.

Experience Lesson 147

Reflections of Light

Former lessons have emphasized that only what is of God or points the way to Him has value and that the world roots us further into illusions. Reviewing what is valuable is practical. Recall that what is valuable to the tiny self that asks too little out of life is not the same as what is valuable to God’s son or Christ consciousness.

The range to determine real value is set and this you cannot change. It is all or nothing; illusion or reality. The criteria to determine what is valuable is:

    1. Does it last forever?
    2. Is it a gift shared by all?
    3. What is its purpose?
    4. Do you feel any guilt?

Whenever illusions are made real, forgiveness is necessary. You can only undo attack and guilt by choosing against them, not by further projection. Continuing to believe anything was a “sin” makes forgiveness a lie. It is seeing sins unreality that makes forgiveness natural, wholly sane, and undoes it completely.

Forgiveness stands for truth and sees the nothingness of sin looking straight through the thousand forms in sin appears. Its strength is its honesty. Innocence is the only thing there is. Forgiveness is the bridge between the illusions of the world, the hell of guilt, and the blessing of heaven.

Just as you learned judgment; you must learn forgiveness to undo it. Practice forgiveness on each brother that crosses your mind. Consider what each has done and ask yourself “Would I condemn myself for doing this?” Unchain your brother and free yourself. Forgive your brother, whose need is just the same as yours. We all share the same need for forgiveness.

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“Teach only Love, for that is what you are.”

You are Love’s Light

There is another way of looking at the world. A way in which holiness envelopes everything you see and giving and receiving are one. You are this holiness. Love created you like itself and there is nothing you can do to change this. You merely had a dream you were separate. You have chosen now to awaken from your sleep. You have chosen to remember who you are. You are Love’s Light.