“Teach only Love, for that is what you are.”


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An online community for awakening

MyACIM was a new way to experience A Course in Miracles. A site for everyone – not one specific teacher or group. Students could engage with Course students and teachers from around the world, share insights, and make new friends online! We honored all paths to the light and welcomed students wherever they were on their journey.

A Community of Equals

Course students and teachers join as equals offering support, friendship and personal insights – You are welcome here.

Support for new students

Discover a path that feels current, relevant, and applicable to daily life while enjoying the support of new and long-time students.

Daily lessons with practical insights

Text and audio meditations with insights designed to move past the intellect into a felt experience of the Course.

Fresh content and perspectives

From parenting to politics, enjoy compelling content that shifts the mind from separation and conflict to oneness and peace.

Find groups, events and retreats

Find local study groups, events and retreats or get the resources and support you need to start your own.

As mobile as you are

Enjoy community features and content from any smartphone device – Inspiration and support as close as your pocket!

“No one who lives in fear is really alive.”



Love’s Light Foundation served to promote and support the spiritual awakening of human consciousness through a variety of nondual teachings, including those taught in A Course In Miracles. We shared these teachings through MyACIM and through a variety of live workshops and retreats. We helped new students discover the peace and joy available now while providing a path that feels safe and welcoming. We helped longtime students move past their intellectual understanding into a deep felt experience of God.

Online Community

Online Community

Students could discover all the resources needed to deepen their experience of A Course In Miracles. Whether at home or on the go, students enjoyed fresh and relevant content updated daily and had the opportunity to join and learn with other Course students along the pathway to awakening.


Students could join with other Course students for a paradigm shifting experience into God. A variety of events were available to suite the students intentions – from small and intimate gatherings to exciting and lively workshops. The common goal was oneness and the experience was perfect peace.

“Whenever light enters darkness, the darkness is abolished.”


About the group

Love’s Light Foundation was born out of the desire to share and join with all of humanity. We are serious Course students based primarily in Marin County, just north of San Francisco. We are all teachers, we are all students. We share Joy and Love for that is what we are.

With the guidance of Spirit and an abundance of technological skill, we shared the experience of pure oneness with all who desire it. We honored all paths to the light and welcome students wherever they were on their journey.

“Fear is really nothing and love is everything”


Help build the community

Love’s Light Foundation was supported 100% by Course students like you. While most of our time was volunteer, it took quite a bit of resources to build a cutting edge online community. This includes the work of a web designer, multiple programmers, a graphic artist, and experts with audio and mixing.

We extended a great deal of love trusting it will be felt and experienced by every new student that comes across the path. Love’s Light Foundation no longer accepts donations.