MyACIM was an online community for all new and existing students of A Course in Miracles. The mission was to engage with Course students and teachers from around the world, share insights, and make new friends. We honored all paths to the light and welcomed students wherever they were on their journey.

Daily Lessons

A Course in Miracles contains 365 daily lessons – one for each day of the year. Get your daily lesson here, enjoy the meditative audio recording, and share your insights with the community. If you’re new to the Course, you’ll want to start with Lesson One.

Local Groups

The Global ACIM Group Directory is open to all Course and Course-friendly spiritual gatherings. If you host a group that meets regularly and are open to new members joining, add it to the directory!

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Help build the community

MyACIM was built and backed by the community, for the community. Donation helped continue the development of myACIM and extend it’s offering of love to new and existing Course students around the world. Thank you to our donors listed below.

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ACIM Events

The global ACIM event calendar was open to all Course events, group leaders, and Course-friendly spiritual gatherings. If it’s an event that Course students would love, we invited members to share it with the community!

Member Forums

Shares on MyACIM were for communicating personal insights and how one is opening to their Higher Mind. Our Community Guidelines were an agreement between our members to ensure the site remained useful for this purpose. See the guidelines HERE.

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